Lake Street Dive

Sometimes a voice channels everything I’ve ever wanted to be. It happens when I listen to Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Nora Jones, Aretha Franklin, and Beyonce. Sometimes it’s in  my own voice, but maybe I’m only paying attention when I’m singing to myself alone in the car or the shower. Rachael Price in Lake Street Dive definitely delivers it. I am just going to leave some videos for viewing and listening pleasure.

… and then you can watch the rest of the YouTube playlist.

I can’t quite pinpoint the feeling yet, I need to pull out the thesaurus and find a word that combines inspired, connected, happy and focused. Maybe, flow? Anyway, they’ve got the quirky jazz and funky soul that resonates beautifully.  Bonus: they met at the New England Conservatory studying jazz. Double bonus: the bassist went to Tufts. Bonus of all Bonuses: they also recently performed on Colbert. I know a lot of other random facts but have reached today’s bonus maximum.

Also, happy week before Valentines Day. Do not expect to hear from me, as I will be in a chocolate shop drowning in milk foam and impaling myself on heart-shaped linzer tortes, with every single couple in Cambridge as my witness.

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