Lounge: Scratching Surfaces

Here are a few pictures from SCRATCHING SURFACES, the one-night performance, art and sound exhibition for Atelier Hotel Pro Forma’s monthly Lounge event.  It was a fantastic evening. Almost 100 people came between 17:00 and 20:00. The night was themed around the Copenhagen Cable Park, the surfing area that had been the subject of our first assignment. As the production manager, my job was to create a cohesive concept (more on that here), then market and promote it via Facebook, Instagram, flyers, a promotional video, and emails. I then created a production and installation schedule, managed the bar, made a site map with a description of each piece, did some curating, organized furniture moves, permanently installed the Ikea window shades (your welcome, Hotel Pro Forma), and made sure that everyone was happy with the end product. We even had time to order and eat Thai food together before the night began. Two weeks of preparation was just enough time to invent, create, and showcase these five pieces and a performance.

Consider the source
Exhibition week intern dinners!
Form of: a water droplet.
Form of: a water droplet.
A healthy crowd
Johanna and Magnus examining some projection art
final pic1
perhaps the best promotional material I’ve made in 10 minutes, posted on Facebook two hours before we opened.

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